We are taking a break

Dear Guests, dear friends and visitors

2020 is now in its fifth month and gives us more challenges than the years before. Renovation without closing the business, but not disturbing the guests (excessively). We managed that quite well. The current corona pandemic was and is the next major challenge. In the long term, no accommodation can afford six weeks with an occupancy rate of almost 30 percent. But luck was a little on our side, we were able to rent most of our apartments. Unfortunately, the next surprise was not long in coming. Our managing director and company owner is ill and for this reason David's Guesthouse will have to pause for a while.

The handover to the new operator has been completed. Vivis AG has been operating the building since June 1, 2020 and rents the apartments for companies to their employees. In consultation with the respective guests, we will transfer our existing bookings directly to friendly accommodations.

We all, especially David, thank all of our guests, who we have always welcomed with joy and motivation, and our friends, who have brought us so many new guests and thus contributed to the success of

David's Guesthouse.

We promise we will come back.

David und Team

(Ralf Siebert)

©David's Services GmbH, 2020